Bachman's Bizarre Dream Starring Britney

(1/19/00, 6 p.m. ET) - With his hit single "She's So High," pop rocker Tal Bachman has seen his share of success over the past year. Still, mingling with fellow pop stars at glitzy gatherings in front of thousands of screaming fans is not be something he's quite accustomed to. Take, for example, his appearance at this week's American Music Awards in Los Angeles (LAUNCH, 1/18), where he served as a co-presenter with Britney Spears.

Bachman tells LAUNCH that the whole experience was "kinda surreal...It was, like, I was in a weird dream and all the sudden I was on stage in front of 10,000 people and Britney Spears was next to me, like, half-naked. And there were, like, cameras in my face. I mean, it was like a bizarre dream."

Bachman continues to tour in support of his self-titled debut album, which came out last spring. A second single, the piano-driven ballad "If You Sleep," was released to radio earlier this month.

-- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles