Juno Clips

A few articles from the Juno's with just the parts about Tal.


Alanis leads Juno noms


Alanis Morissette, second-generation rocker Tal Bachman, the dance duo Prozzak and rockers The Tea Party and Matthew Good Band led the way in this year's Juno nominations, announced Wednesday.

Bachman, the son of Canadian music legend Randy Bachman, scored four nominations: best new solo artist, best songwriter, best producer and best pop/adult album.

Juno nods just baffle


Express Writer

It's been long suspected, but not confirmed until now - the Junos are on drugs.


Announced yesterday, nominations have been piled on Alanis Morissette, a "supposed former infatuation junkie," and a cartoon pop duo named after a popular prescription drug - Prozzak. Not only that, but Tal Bachman, son of rock legend Randy Bachman, made a strong debut showing with four nods, including one for best songwriter. Not bad for a guy who has only one hit so far. It's called She's So High.

Coincidence? We think not.


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