Not a typical rocker rebel

Growing up surrounded by music has obviously rubbed off on Tal Bachman.

The 29-year-old son of Lorrayne and Randy Bachman, a Canadian rock legend of Guess Who and Bachman-Turner-Overdrive fame, has just released his self-titled debut album. And already it's proving to be a success, with the infectious pop single She's So High climbing rapidly up Canadian and American charts and being played on the popular U.S. teen television series Dawson's Creek.

But Bachman wasn't always so certain he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. At one point, he opted for academics over music and enrolled at Utah State University, where he studied political philosophy. It was, he now admits, a case of youthful rebellion.

"Everyone expected me to just do what Dad did," says Bachman, who lives in Vancouver. "And to rebel in that situation was to either put on a suit and get a nine-to-five job or go to university."

Growing up in Vancouver, Bachman was often in the recording studio, listening to his father play guitar.

When he decided to attend university, he says, it broke his father's heart. "I'd get a phone call from him every month, saying, 'What are you doing at school? You should quit and join a rock band,' " says Bachman. "It was pretty funny when you think about it."

In 1994, Bachman dropped out of school and started working on his music -- but not, he insists, because his father said so. "I was just sitting in class one day and all the dots suddenly connected," says Bachman. "I realized then that I should be writing songs and performing them. It's what comes most naturally to me."