Hi !

Welcome to the Homepage of Jasmine, Jazz, Zhasminya, totallytal, sk8stuff, or whatever nickname you know me by!

First let me introduce myself;

My name is Jasmine, my friends call me Jazz, I'm 15 years old, Quebecian ( a word I invented), Christian, Homeschooled, and have 4 younger siblings (very noisy) !

My favourite things to do are: read, write, watch figureskating, chat with friends, listen to music, and any thing fun ! I have a passion for bible quizzing, drawing, and I like to sing and write poetry. I love horses, cats, and dolphins !

The painting at the left is one of my favourites, I also like almost all Renoir & Waterhouse.

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My pages:

 Sk8stuff: my figure skating site, contest, polls, and fanpages

  TotallyTal: a fanpage for the Talented Tal Bachman

 Readaholics: a reading club for teens (not up yet)

 coming up a fan page for the coolest band: Glory !