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  • " The melancholy "If You Sleep" brings to mind the rock angst of the Smashing Pumpkins "
  • "...Tal slows things down on the lovely ballad "If You Sleep", a song about contemplating the fate of a loved one. His voice effortlessly floats from a sweet falsetto to an anguished cry for help in the chorus: "If you Sleep, you Sleep With God". "
  • "...atmospheric and heart-breaking "If You Sleep," a contemplation of fate in the face of a loved one's illness,"
  • "...sensitive singer-songwriter tunes, like the emotionally committed "If You Sleep..."
  • " ...the heart-wrenching "If You Sleep,'' which deals with the difficult task of coping with the deadly illness of a loved one ."


Figure of divine perfection

No one's loved with more affection

Soul to soul we've breathed

Oh, I won't let The Fates succeed


Worried bits of contemplation

Whispered bits of conversation

Unaffected Orderlies

Disinfected rooms and Hallways


And If you Sleep, You sleep with God

And if I cry it's for my heart

Why should I hope to make it through ?

'Cause if you sleep , I'll sleep, to


Jagged thorn sand pretty petals

Butterflies and stinging nettles

Sunny days and nights of blackness

But where's the Joy to cure my sadness


( Chorus )


Gleaming cars and covered faces

Teary eyes in hallowed places

Grass and granite stone

No one's been more all alone


( Chorus )

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