Here are some quotes I've compiled together, most are funny ones, Enjoy !

"...I didn't know how to do anything. I couldn't even flip a burger. I don't want to dwell on how stupid I am, but I wound up at college because I guess maybe I really didn't have a lot of practical skills. I was really good at music, but I didn't know if I wanted to pursue that and I didn't know what else to do. So I just went to college while I worked that out." - Tal

'What are you doing at school? You should quit and join a rock band,' - Randy Bachman (Tal's Dad )

 "He's smart enough not to lend me any of the guitars he cares anything about, because I always end up dropping them and kicking them over by accident. For me to ask to borrow a guitar is (like) saying, 'can I break one of your guitars' I would never ask that." - Tal, on borrowing guitars from his dad.

Tal Bachman isn't just an Electric Light Orchestra fan. He's a walking, breathing ELO jukebox. - DAVID VEITCH -- Calgary Sun Reporter

 "Go ahead, ask me about my dad." - Tal

They don't care where I'm from. They don't know anything. They can't pick out their own state on a map." - Tal on being signed to an American record company.

 "But my dad would say things like, 'Your kind of songs are not in style right now.' Depressed, tormented Ritalin addicts on the verge of suicide, with distortion boxes, were in style. - Tal

Son, do you want me to teach you this Country Pickin' ? - Randy / NO !!! - Tal

And how does dad, "a meat-and-potatoes guy," deal with his son's love of fanciful ELO? "It was like coming out of the closet," Bachman quipped. "He accepted it." - Tal

  "You can almost detect a slight British accent in the Vancouverite's sweet, falsetto-prone singing voice." - DAVID VEITCH -- Calgary Sun

 I didn't want to make a record you'd have to listen to 50 times before you started to like it. - Tal

"Everyone expected me to just do what Dad did," says Bachman, who lives in Vancouver. "And to rebel in that situation was to either put on a suit and get a nine-to-five job or go to university." - Tal

"I was always my dad's son, and not only is that a hurdle to overcome, but I knew that if I pursued music, I'd really be lost. - Tal

 "I was just sitting in class one day and all the dots suddenly connected," "I realized then that I should be writing songs and performing them. It's what comes most naturally to me." - Tal


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